In addition to Tessa or Tess, I often go by the handle tessaract (on AIM, twitter and quite a few other places). I do a few different things to earn income. First and foremost: I design. I'm trained as a graphic designer/commercial illustrator. As a kid, I wanted to airbrush rock album covers, movie posters and sci-fi book covers when I grew up (Yes, you read it right: album covers. I'm that old. And I may grow up yet!). I also program in a few scripting languages and when I can, I like to share what I know via writing posts, articles and books.

In the 90's, I fell into multimedia (video, audio and animation in Director/Flash - remember CD-Roms?), and in the late 90's, I fell into web development ("What? you want that design, video and audio on the web?! You know, it's only 1997, right?!"). Along the way, I got deeper into programming (JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP a little Python), and I became absolutely fascinated with organizing data and content to work with it programatically (XML, JSON, MySQL, SQLite).

Most recently in the past few years, I've moved over to full OOP programming of not only Flash-based and AJAX web apps, but desktop and mobile apps as well (Not very rock album cover-y, but pretty cool none-the-less).

So, What's a Tessaract?

A tessellation or tiling of the plane is a collection of plane figures that fills the plane with no overlaps and no gaps --

I've liked the word "tesseract" ever since I read Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time as a kid. The term is actually "tesseract" and while Madeleine used it to describe a type of time/space/warp portal, it is actually a hypercube or tetracube (hence the name of my LLC: hyper3media pronounced: hyper-cube-media). Yep, I spell tesseract incorrectly, on purpose, to have my name in there: tessaract.

"Tess" is a greek root that relates to the number 4. My name for example is Greek for "fourth born". A tesseract is a 4-dimensional cube as we discussed and tessellation is the tiling of squares or things with 4 sides (like old-school desktop wallpaper), you get the picture.

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When I'm not working, I'm probably...

Taking my dog to the river with my partner. Playing with our daughtERS (we have two now!). Noodling on a guitar. Wondering how I'll handle my first winter in Minneapolis. Trying to find a better, faster way to do things on my mac or with my brain - and then hack it some more. Taking an online course. Reading a non-fiction book (I'm happiest when learning something new - sometimes, fiction squeezes in there).

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All current titles published by Packt Publishing

  • WordPress 3.0 jQueryWordPress 3.0 jQuery
    Enhance your WordPress website with the captivating effects of jQuery.
  • WordPress Theme Design | WordPress 2.8 Theme DesignWordPress Theme Design (2nd Edition: WordPress 2.8 Theme Design)

  • Joomla 1.5 Theme DesignJoomla 1.5 Template Design Covers the new jdoc tags, template overrides and custom module chrome!

  • Joomla Template DesignJoomla Template Design
    A great title for sites that still opt for the Joomla 1.0 legacy version.

Upcoming Titles:

  • 3rd Edition: WordPress 3.4 Theme Design
    (This book features an all-new custom HTML5, CSS3, Responsive, jQuery-enhanced theme!)

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  • The Disorganized Disaster's Guide to GTD and Time Management: An eBook? An online course? I'm not sure yet. But if GTD and various Time Managment/Productivity systems seem to fail you - you'll find out why (it's you) and how to get back on track (in spite of yourself, and that convoluted "system").

Current Endevors:

  • Kristofer Layon has given me a wonderful apportunity! He can't make the confrence, but you can still learn all that he (and I!) hope to ever teach you about web standards based ebooks. You can find out more details on my page for now.

  • Your Mouse Is Already Dead

    As you can see, Zombies are pretty darn slow. (whew!)

    Website: Nice use of Twitter's Bootstrap and Google Maps!
    I'm enjoying the app (Android - a lota space off my lil' LG but worth it) and no longer quite so allergic to "gamification" - or running.

  • Your Mouse Is Already Dead

    My partner calls them "pricey toys". I call them the future. Check out my latest FTF post.

    I know, right? Toys! You get one measely little iPad... sure, there was that other tablet... oh hey, remember that Annotate pen thingie I had!? Ahem, well they're still the future.

  • Going Paperless With Paper

    Find out about a neat app and why your super-fast computer slows you down.

    Yes. I got an iPad.